MSC Cruises


For the premiere of MSC Cruises® ship MSC World Europa, we conceived an onboard guest experience by developing an elevated entertainment venue. Luna Park comes to life each night with three interactive concerts, bringing together technology and stunning visuals to create unique experiences for guests. These interactive shows include:

  • Ibiza Symphonica: Guests can enjoy a night of music and mystique with a big-screen orchestra, modern Euro dance music, three specialty artists, dancers, a DJ, two vocalists and an after-party night club.
  • Supershow: Featuring specialist street dancers, acrobats, dancers and vocalists, this unique K-pop party allows guests to let loose as they learn dance routines and sing along with popular songs. Participants can see themselves in a Boogie Cam on screen as they follow along with the dances.
  • Crimson Club: This all-out action adventure for the whole family includes a movie-themed stunt show with pop-up surprise moments in the auditorium. The audience interacts via movie spy cams and actors mingling in the crowd.
  • Concept & Design
  • Music & Media
  • Show Production
  • AV & Technical
  • Costume Design & Build
  • Talent Casting & Recruitment